Feed Someone In Hunger

Feed 10 people 350
Feed 50 people 1,750
Feed 100 people 3,500
Feed 150 people 5,250
Feed 200 people 7,000
Feed 250 people 8,750
Feed 300 people 10,500
Feed 350 people 12,250
Feed 400 people 14,000
Donate any amount

Donate a Food

Help on Hunger foundation is helping the deprived and marginalized children who are in hunger to grow and fulfill their needs. Our team is really passionate in working towards the supply of food to those families and children. You can also involve yourself into this foundation and break them from this cycle of poverty. There are many ways where you can help them by contributing to a meal, or making gift packs, and many more. Donating is a great way to help poor people and we are really passionate about helping the malnourished children and family. All the funds generated from Help on Hunger foundation reaches to people who can fulfill their basic need for their lifetime as well.