About Us


Provide for ending poverty – Defeat for poverty is EASY

Hunger and poverty appear to be cyclical and generational, hindering people from reaching their fullest potential. Our aim is to break this cycle of hunger and malnutrition among children and to provide food for homeless families.


Hunger today – The action item

The Help on Hunger foundation envisions itself as a catalyst in the eradication of poverty, aiming to ensure that ZERO families go to sleep hungry even for a day. Instead of targeting a specific method to alleviate poverty, we concentrate on supporting the lifecycle of families so that they can eventually sustain themselves without our assistance.

Our pursuit

We continuously strive harder to bring our mission to life – 'No more neediness, no more poverty.' To achieve this, our Help on Hunger team pledges to combat hunger. Additionally, we encourage and motivate individuals to take small steps and initiatives, joining hands to feed numerous homeless families and realize this mission.

Intent of Help on hunger

Look around you! You can see the causes and consequences of poverty in India. Why are we still at a standstill?

Help on Hunger is an emerging NGO foundation primarily focused on supplying food to homeless individuals and those in need of sustenance and care. We assist over 500 homeless individuals daily in and around Chennai. Our focus lies in aiding people caught in the cycle of poverty and dire need.