Pongal Celebration

Helponhunger celebrated the Pongal event with the Chief Guest of sanam Shetty. The celebration was marked by traditional festivities and a delicious Pongal feast. Sanam sheety’s presence added a touch of inspiration and encouragement, especially during personal interactions with irular communities

Leprosy Day

Helponhunger celebrated Leprosy Day with esteemed guests Santhosh Prathap and Rachitha, bringing joy and compassion to individuals affected by leprosy. The event featured the distribution of essential grocery kits and a delightful biryani lunch, fostering unity and breaking down barriers. Santhosh Prathap and Rachitha expressed their admiration for Helponhunger's impactful work and highlighted the importance of eradicating the stigma associated with leprosy.

Valentine’s Day

Helponhunger organized a heartwarming Valentine's Day by bringing the homeless people to Mahabalipuram. The event concluded with the homeless community thoroughly enjoying every moment, fostering a strong sense of community, and leaving a lasting impact. Let's continue spreading love and joy beyond Valentine's Day.

Women’s Day

In celebration of Women's Day, Helponhunger collaborated with Naturals, a renowned beauty and wellness brand, to offer a special day of pedicure and manicure services to homeless women. The event aimed to provide not just physical care but also to uplift spirits and celebrate the strength of these women. Skilled professionals from Naturals joined forces with the dedicated team of Help on Hunger to create a memorable experience, turning a simple beauty ritual into a gesture of kindness and compassion.

Film with Santhosh Prathap

HelpOnHunger organized a groundbreaking event by bringing the leprosy-affected community to a theatre for the first time to watch the movie "Kondral Paavam" alongside lead actor Santhosh Prathap. The initiative aimed to provide a day of joy and inclusivity, breaking stigmas associated with leprosy. Santhosh Prathap's presence added star power and conveyed a message of compassion. The event created a sense of unity and belonging, with emotions echoing through the theatre

House Transformation

Helponhunger undertook a remarkable initiative to transform a severely damaged house, offering hope and resilience. The project, made possible by a collaborative community effort, involved structural repairs, roof restoration, interior refurbishment, and the installation of essential amenities. The big reveal of the transformed home was an emotional moment for their family, symbolizing not just physical restoration but also community support.

Summer Relief

HelpOnHunger's Summer Relief Initiative aims to provide refreshing essentials for the homeless during the hot summer days. The initiative includes distributing hydrating watermelon slices and nutrient-rich buttermilk to offer relief from the scorching sun. The initiative focuses on hydration, nutrition, and digestive health, aiming to make a positive impact on the well-being of those in need.

3rd Year Anniversary

HelpOnHunger celebrated its 3rd anniversary with a special event, bringing homeless individuals to share a meaningful lunch at HelpOnHunger's kitchen. The event reflected on three impactful years of combating hunger and fostering community unity. The occasion was a heartfelt acknowledgment of the incredible journey of making a difference and feeding hope over the past three years.

Moi Virundhu

"Moi Virundhu" on World Food Day successfully provided 5000 biryani to the homeless. The event, graced by Aishwarya Rajesh, Santhosh Prathap, and Deputy Collector Preethi, featured a distinguished flag-off. Volunteers, donors, and supporters came together to celebrate World Food Day with compassion and generosity, making a positive impact on those in need.

Michaung Flood

In response to the impact of the Michaung Cyclone in Chennai, Helponhunger actively provided essential relief to affected communities. Generous contributions enabled the distribution of nutritious bread, milk for vulnerable individuals, and candles for light during power outages. These efforts served as a beacon of hope for families navigating through the challenges post-cyclone.

Thoothukudi Flood

In response to the Thoothukudi floods, Helponhunger has provided essential relief to affected communities, including thousands of loaves of bread, nutrient-rich milk, candles, and mosquito coils. This support aims to address immediate needs for sustenance, nutrition, and safety. The success of these efforts is attributed to the generosity and support of donors like you